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"We think of safety as a critical part of our culture that we live every day. It requires discipline, effort and the desire to keep our customer's freight safe, as well as each other."

Bill Durstock
Director of Risk Management

Dayton Freight is proud of its phenomenal safety record – one of the finest in the transportation industry. Our Drivers are dedicated to transporting your shipments on time, intact and in the safest manner possible. They recognize that attention to speed limits, road conditions and other drivers are critical components of quality freight management. Whether operating forklifts or loading freight, our Dockworkers adhere to strict Company guidelines regarding job procedures. We believe our great safety record is due to the quality of the employees we hire, along with on-going training and fleet maintenance.

Safety initiatives include:
  • Continuous Improvement of all Dock and Vehicle Operations
  • Service Center Safety Representatives
  • Annual Employee Safety Awards Program
  • Million Mile Club
  • Ongoing Company-Wide Safety Communications
  • Driver Recognition for Successful DOT and Independent Monitoring Service Inspections

Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) is a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration initiative designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the agency’s enforcement and compliance program. Carriers are scored based on a number of categories like unsafe driving, cargo securement, vehicle maintenance, Driver fitness and more. Dayton Freight supports this effort to improve the safety of the driving public, our customer’s freight and our employees.

Our current plan includes:
  • Manager/Supervisor Education
  • Driver Meetings
  • Safety Program Improvement
  • Remedial Training
  • Corporate Communications
  • Operational Changes
  • Progressive Discipline Policy
  • Vehicle Monitoring Technology
Dayton Freight believes that our overall safety record is one of the best in the industry, and we will continue to uphold our high standards of on-time, intact service.

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