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Presidents Letter Quality / Safety
"From the start, we’ve emphasized the importance of straightforward, honest and timely communication – with customers, employees and partners. It’s the only way I know."

Tom Cronin
Dear Dayton Freight Customer,

For me, the New Year always brings a bit of reflection. I’ve come to realize that in the midst of new equipment purchases, technology innovations and Service Center expansions and upgrades, the very most important asset we have is our employees. I am amazed at the selfless, professional and dedicated staff we have who, I am convinced, are the finest people in the transportation industry.

Our culture is home-grown, and revolves around core beliefs that I hold dear. We decided to try to put Our Culture Philosophy into words, and I wanted to share it with you:

At Dayton Freight, we strive for excellence in everything we do and are accountable for our actions. When we fall short, we accept responsibility and attempt to make it right. We believe in professional honesty because that is the only way to communicate, to grow and to learn. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of conduct, and set an example for others.

We believe that attitude is everything. We are open to other's ideas, even when we don't agree with them. Our Company's organizational health depends on diverse opinions and backgrounds, where all contributions are encouraged and acknowledged. We view change as a welcome and necessary part of growing our Company. We focus on solutions, not problems.

Teamwork is an important and critical component of delivering service to our internal and external customers. Every single person we encounter deserves our respect. We practice the supreme courtesy of listening with mind and heart, and strive for mutual understanding. We treat others as we would like to be treated. Servant leadership informs our choices and guides our actions.

We're looking forward to continued growth in 2013, and wish the same for your company as well. Construction continues on our new Crest Hill, Illinois Service Center – 195 doors and a 6-bay maintenance shop – and we should be ready for a September opening. We’ve gotten great response on the new Dayton Freight mobile app, and hope it has served to make your life easier. You can download it from our home page at

My very best regards,

Tom Cronin
Dayton Freight Lines, Inc.
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